How Oral Health Impacts Your Life

Mark Burhenne is a dentistry practitioner of over 35 years. According to Mark Burhenne, we do not simply think about extending our lifespan; we also aspire to experience a higher quality of life during those additional years! In this article, Harvard Square Dental Care discusses Mark Burhenne’s article on how enhancing your oral health care can contribute to a longer, more fulfilling, and happier life. (Source: Ask The Dentist, How Your Oral Health Impacts Longevity, by Mark Burhenne, DDS, February 2, 2023, ).

Understanding the survival curve

Mark Burhenne shares how your oral health can affect various aspects of your health. This includes your heart and lung function, susceptibility to dementia, sleep quality, levels of inflammation and toxicity in your body, and even your fertility.

Harvard Square Dental Care adds, “Research suggests that there may be a link between mediocre oral health and cognitive decline in older adults. By maintaining good oral hygiene practices, you can help refine cognitive function and reduce the risk of dementia. Good oral health care and regular dental checkup can contribute to overall well-being by reducing pain and discomfort associated with dental problems and improving self-esteem and confidence.”

Squaring the life curve

Mark Burhenne explains that instead of solely focusing on increasing longevity, we should also prioritize improving the quality of life during that extended period. Consider being 80 years old and having the ability to walk unaided. You could be free of chronic illness, see and hear your grandchildren, do what you enjoy, travel, eat your favourite foods with healthy, fully functional teeth, and enjoy a pain-free life. The maintenance of your oral health and routine dental checkup will determine whether these things are possible or not.

Harvard Square Dental Care agrees, “Losing teeth can impact your ability to eat a healthy diet, which can lead to malnutrition and other health problems. Good oral hygiene practices like regular dental checkups can help prevent gum disease, as well as tooth decay, which are the leading causes of tooth loss.

Good oral health care is crucial in maintaining a high quality of life as we age. It can prevent tooth loss, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve cognitive function, and boost self-esteem. Practicing good oral hygiene habits such as regular dental checkups, daily brushing and flossing, and healthy lifestyle habits can help prevent dental problems. It can improve overall health and well-being in older adults.”

Dental care prevention 

Mark Burhenne guides that the state of your oral hygiene plays a critical role in determining various aspects of your overall health. This includes the level of toxicity and inflammation in your body. It also affects the degree of inflammatory stress on your heart and cardiovascular system, your susceptibility to dementia, and the well-being of both your pregnancy and baby. Dental care prevention can help.

Harvard Square Dental Care elaborates, “Dental care prevention refers to the various measures and practices that individuals can take to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental problems. This includes daily habits such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits for cleanings and checkups. By practicing good dental care prevention, individuals can help prevent dental issues and maintain good oral health throughout their lives.”

Mark Burhenne explains that good oral health not only leads to a healthy mouth but also has a positive impact on overall health. Harvard Square Dental Care concludes, “It reduces the risk of systemic diseases and improves digestion, sleep quality, mental health, and overall quality of life. Individuals can enjoy a happier and healthier life by prioritizing oral health.”

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