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A Warm Welcome and a Beautiful Smile

Welcome to Harvard Square Dental Care, where our mission is to provide essential dental services for effective oral care. Our goal is to encourage healthy smiles for all ages.

With a family-friendly approach, we believe in educating each patient so that they can take the importance of oral health and hygiene to the next level. Our team takes pride in sharing valuable methods so each patient can easily maintain their beautiful smile at home.

Visit our blog page! Here is where you will find details on various oral health topics, as well as oral care tips.

Dental health is a journey, and we are happy to join you every step of the way.

Be sure to check out our services page for details on what we offer here at Harvard Square Dental Care.

What People Say About Us

  • Harvard square dental is phenomenal. I went in for a last-minute emergency wisdom tooth problem, and I am terrified of dentists. They made me feel incredibly welcomed and efficiently removed the tooth without any pain. I highly recommend this dental practice.

    Cassie Sparks Avatar Cassie Sparks
  • Never been to a friendlier dentist in my entire life. After not being able to go to the dentist for roughly 4 years these wonderful women made sure that the most important work was done first and everything worked out with my insurance. They go step by step each process and payment and accomodate any schedule changes. I will go here for the rest of my life.

    Taylor Bowker Avatar Taylor Bowker
  • Fantastic Dentist. They are a team of kind, real, genuine people who take the time to listen and try to help in a way that works for you in an individualized way. They have been honest from the start and haven't tried to sell me things that don't work or things I can't afford. I really couldn't say a bad thing about them, as people or professionals. They really care. And my teeth are happy!

    Esther Nicholson Avatar Esther Nicholson
  • Very best dental care I have ever had! They are on time with appointments and the staff are professional and efficient. All are friendly. Very happy!

    Joan Mills Avatar Joan Mills
  • Dr Mundy & staff made me feel comfortable especially during these covid times & My cavity procedure was quick an painless I quote Weeknd "I cant feel my face when I'm with you but I love it"

    Grace C Avatar Grace C
  • Dr. Mundy and all of her staff are fantastic! Our visits are educational, and not only do we, as parents, learn during our visits, so do our 5 yr old and 2 yr old 🙂 So much so, that they love going to the dentist! My son just had a cavity filled, and he had an unbelievably positive experience and wants to grow up and be a dentist now! This office, is by far, the best dental office out there. The staff truly care for you and your well-being. We are lucky that we live only five minutes away.

    Andrea Illyas Avatar Andrea Illyas
  • This is an awesome dental care practice. Went today for a cleaning, never have I had such a wonderful experience. Michelle is not only superb, but also a wonderful personality, and Good looking, if I am allowed to say that. Thanks again for a great day

    Klaus Grotke Avatar Klaus Grotke
  • Very kind staff, and everyone I have been seen by, did a good job on my dental work. World easily recommend this office to family and friends if they were looking.

    Katie McNally Avatar Katie McNally
  • My son loves visiting the lovely ladies at Harvard Square Dental! He loves being included in the experience as an “assistant” and always tells us about the neat dental tools he has learned about. For a 4-year-old to enjoy going to the dentist, even after several fillings, says a whole lot! We are so thankful for this amazing team!

    Kristen D Avatar Kristen D
  • From the moment you arrive and the professional and courteus and respectful way in which youre treated, you know that this is a very special and unique Dental Centre! If youre experiencing tooth pain make an appointment, they will do ONLY what you ask them to do for you, as they did with me recently and will explain what things should be your priority to relieve the pain and maintain dental hygiene. Anyway, I wouldnt waste your time to have to read this review if it wasnt going to benefit at least one person by posting it. Maybe that one person is you! Pay it forward!

    Dave Millard Avatar Dave Millard

About Our Dental Clinic

At Harvard Square Dental you will find services that are designed to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile. We offer family dentistry, children dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and dental surgery procedures. Your oral health journey begins with your first initial visit. During this visit our team will preform an oral exam. Once this is completed, we can asses your next steps.  Contact us today for more information.

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Dental implants are commonly used to replace a missing tooth or many missing teeth. There are many benefits to experience, such as improved comfort, aesthetic appearance, oral health, and much more.

Gum health is essential, and many dental services can help support this. Gums are closely linked to your overall health. Reduce the risk of gum infection, disease, and inflammation with routine dental exams and dental cleanings.

Maintaining your dental roots is imperative to your health. It is comprised of many components to preserve the placement of your tooth. Routine oral health practices and along with help from your dentist, will ensure its vitality.

A dental x-ray is the most effective way to get an inside look at your oral health. A dental x-ray is a vital part of a dental exam.

Have you noticed your teeth are not as bright as they once were? Many individuals are subjects of intrinsic and extrinsic tooth staining. With a professional teeth whitening treatment, your smile will shine bright and white once again.

When it comes to your teeth, gums, and jawbone, prevention methods are essential. Routine oral health exams and dental cleanings are fantastic ways to maintain health, appearance, and function.

Caries are commonly known as cavities. Individuals of all ages may experience them from time to time. There are a few ways to prevent unwanted tooth decay. However, when faced with these dental troubles, your dentist will help and get you smiling!

Whether it is a routine dental exam, dental cleaning, or oral health procedure, it can run a significant bill quickly. However, we work with insurance providers to take the tab off your mind. Ask your insurance provider for your specific coverage, and we will work together.