Why Your Child Needs a Pediatric Dentist in Hamilton

Your child’s first initial visit to a pediatric dentist should ideally happen even before their first birthday. Just like you take your little one to the pediatrician and not your own regular doctor, they need their own pediatric dentist in Hamilton. Regular visits to the dentist ensure that the child’s oral health and overall health are both in great shape. […]

The Affect Beer Has on Your Teeth

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Canada, commemorating Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. Green and beer abound in the celebrations of the Day. While green beer may be good, too much can harm your teeth. It’s not all bad! Beer is not totally bad for the teeth. In fact, beer strengthens teeth with its high silicone and calcium content. Beer […]

A Dentist’s Top Tips for White Teeth

Are you looking for ways to achieve and maintain a bright and healthy smile? You have come to the right place. This article shares the top three tips for achieving and maintaining a beautiful bright, and healthy smile. We’ll cover everything from at-home practices to professional treatments, so you can learn how to get and keep white teeth. Let’s get […]

Considering a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are a highly efficient treatment for repairing a damaged tooth. Dental crowns and bridges offer several benefits as tooth decay solutions. In this article, Harvard Square Dental Care examines Yolanda Smith’s list of advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns.(Source: News Medical Life Sciences, Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns, by Yolanda Smith, B. Pharm, reviewed by Dr. Liji […]

We Know You Don’t Floss! Secrets You Can’t Keep from Your Dentist

It’s time for your periodic dental checkup, and you know you haven’t followed any of the advice you got last time. Can you make your dentist believe that you have been taking all their oral health care tips seriously with some last-minute cleaning up? Well, you can’t! Your dentist can take one look, and they will know precisely what you […]