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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is a contagious, chronic bacterial infection that affects the gum tissue, bone and attachment fibres that support the teeth and hold them in place. Periodontal disease starts slowly without any pain and may not be apparent until there are serious side effects. This disease can also negatively impact a persons overall health. Many chronic illnesses (diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers) are linked to periodontal disease.

Over time, a buildup of plaque bacteria collects at the gum line, eventually hardening on the teeth into calcium deposits called calculus or tartar. This plaque bacteria can migrate below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach. If this bacteria isn’t removed with professional treatment by a dental hygienist, the bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), penetrate the gum line and finally spread into the underlying bone (periodontitis).

If left untreated, periodontal disease can result in abscesses or the complete destruction of the tooth’s supporting tissues and, ultimately, tooth loss. 

Dr. Mundy and her team, here at Harvard Square Dental Care, are committed to identifying and gently treating all kinds of periodontal disease. Ask us how!