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Let the World See You Smile

Stop hiding behind your hand or napkin. Along with routine dental care, the clinical team from Harvard Square Dental Care in Hamilton, Ontario, offers a complete range of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments, helping you create the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Before and After Dental Care

Improve Your Smile

Having great teeth makes a huge difference in the way you look and feel. We begin with a detailed smile assessment, discussing which aspects you like and dislike about your look. Once our assessment is complete, we design treatment options to help your teeth look more natural, healthy, and youthful

Restore Your Look

Greet the world with a brilliant, confident smile. Thanks to rapid advancements in dental technology, our team has the tools and techniques needed to restore your teeth. We have so many more options at our fingertips, making the restoration process faster, easier, and more affordable than before.

Ceramic Fillings & Crowns

Our clinical team combines in-depth experience with high-quality ceramic to create effective, long-lasting solutions. If the top part of a tooth is irreparably damaged but the root is healthy, we can replace the damaged portion, ensuring your tooth looks completely natural. For cavities that are too large for an ordinary filling, we use either a ceramic onlay or inlay. These are skillfully made in the laboratory to fit the shape of the cavity and the color of the surrounding teeth.

Additional Services

Bonding | Dental Implants | One-Hour Teeth Whitening